Still Have Both My Ears

I don’t have high confidence in my artistic abilities, but I saw a place near me has painting classes every so often, kinda like I did with the barn girls a while back.  That sounded like a fun Saturday night so I signed myself up.

The class was held in a cute artsy building… divided into two classrooms.  I’m not sure what the people up front were painting – maybe something super tricky — but I was ushered into the back with the rest of the rookies.

We were given a blank canvas, two brushes and a paper plate decorated with puddles of white, yellow, green, blue and black paint.

The instructor showed us what we were going to paint — a bright moon and the Eiffel Tower – with some water underneath.

I was a little concerned that we weren’t going to sketch anything out first… just jump right into painting… but she did give us step by step instructions so it wasn’t too hard, and I found myself really getting into it.


This was my moon and reflection on the water… tower to be added next.  You can see how we mixed up the colors to get the right shades.  My hands were covered in paint, but they did provide aprons so my clothes were not.


I smile when I’m painting.   Look at all the other people, taking their art so seriously.


Ta-da!  Well, you can kinda see the tower.  Some of it got cut off.  It was a fun experience, and since they paint different things all the time (check out the walls in the background), I plan to go back and try something else.

Might be a fun thing to do when you come visit …hint…hint…