Snatching Babies

The other day I was taking Max for a walk when he become very interested in some bushes.  He was sniffing away when out of the blue, a cat brushed by him, growled and dove deep into the bushes.

I thought that was odd, and I had a hunch why she would be so brave….


Oh, hi there little kitten.

Sure enough, she had a bunch of babies in there.  I took Max home and returned for a better look.   I saw five kittens at least, three tabby and two like the one above.  One even got brave and took a few steps out of the bushes so I grabbed it by the scruff.


That’s one cute little creature.

Momma was mad.  She was hissing at me in a way I could only interpret as, “Put my baby back now!”  So I did.

I think she forgave me when I gave her some leftover hashbrowns.


3 thoughts on “Snatching Babies

  1. I’ve never been a big fan of cats… But I maintain the best part of a McDonald’s Breakfast is/are the hash browns. (I usually get a value meal, & ask for an extra one of those.)

    *Tried it as 1 word as you had, & spell-check underlined it.

  2. cute little kitten…..I would not have touched her thinking that her Momma would then abandon…evidently you knew it was ok…. Maybe that is only true of birds

  3. Apparently McDonald’s breakfast food is the most appropriate choice for wild kittens! Very cute. But will, sadly, grow up to be cats. I love that they have already found you in TX!

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