I’d like a burger – hold the drugs, please

I’m getting to know San Antonio little by little.

So far I like it.  I mean, it’s not Atlanta.  I still miss my city.  And I miss my people big time.  I guess that’s normal.  I don’t have people here yet.

My condo is slowly becoming home.  I have all but a few boxes unpacked.  (Coats?! Who needs ’em!)  The cable guy is coming this weekend, so I’ll finally have internet and more than two channels on TV.  I will miss the extra exercise I’m getting while getting up to adjust the rabbit ears every time I change a station.

My furniture fits – although it’s a little tight.  I would ideally like to sell my kitchen table and six chairs and get something more modern to fit the space.   Some cool bar stools might be nice since I have a long counter.   But the table I have will do for the moment.

I am really excited about finding some furniture for my outside patio.  I have seen some cheap tables and chairs, but I don’t see myself sitting in a hard chair for long.  I know myself.  I’ll want to recline in a comfy lounger with music or a book… so I’m hunting for something like that.  (If you have a hot tip on comfy outdoor furniture, please feel free to share.)  I did get some light strands that look like dragonflies…think Christmas lights, but more decorative… and I have them strung along the balcony.   The last few nights have been chilly and windy so I haven’t enjoyed them yet, but plan to tonight.

I’ve met the maintenance man for the property, the security guard, and a police officer who lives there with his family… so that’s all confidence-inspiring.  I do feel safe.  My little security system has been busy killing any critters who dare to creep into my unit.


This one crept in from his toy box.

I am also getting out to explore the area.  Yesterday I took Max to a park after work and we enjoyed a few laps around the lake.  And last night I went out to dinner and saw a drug deal go down.

At least, I’m pretty sure I did.

I went down the road to a restaurant/bar for a burger.  I ordered, and while I was waiting for my food, I watched the gentleman next to me pull a $20 out of his pocket, fold it, and slip it under his plate.  He called the barback over to get his plate, and presumably the money.  It was sly; he certainly wasn’t paying for his food.

A few minutes later, he asked the same employee to meet him outside.  “I want you to take a look at my car.”    Hmmmm.  Yeah, pretty sure that wasn’t what went on in the parking lot.

I waited a good while after I got my food, and then made my way to the parking lot and got in my car quickly.

I think it’s safe to say I won’t be a regular at The Highlander.

Maybe I’ll make the trip to the grocery store and have dinner on my dragonfly patio instead.


3 thoughts on “I’d like a burger – hold the drugs, please

  1. love the update, Robyn. Sounds like you and Max are settling in and are feeling safe while exploring……for the most part. Hope you are sitting on the patio now. No horses in the picture yet?

  2. Good instinct on waiting to head for the parking lot. I told this story to the kids at dinner and Emma didn’t understand why you’d wait. We had a good time acting out what might have happened if you had. 🙂

  3. Reminds me of the trip I took to Jersey not-sure-how-many years ago. This band I like from Jersey had called their B-side compilation album, “Out-Of-State Plates”, & I had no clue why.

    Cut to: Jen, me, & some friends in town for a Rockapella concert. We met at a TGIFriday’s for dinner after (worried about my blood-sugar), & a cop pulled us over. We’re all from other states, & the cops told us that’s a sign drug deals are going down when 2 cars with o-o-s plates meet in a parking lot.

    I’ve got pictures of me & J in Jersey, but doubt I’ll head back any time soon.

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