Amarillo By Morning

Well George, I would go to Amarillo in the morning, but I have to work so I’ll just stay here in San Antone.

In other words, I have moved.

Wow.  It’s been a very stressful couple of weeks.  I somehow didn’t think it would be, but I gave myself a lot to do and not much time to do it.   But it all worked out and I’m extremely thankful.  My house is sold.  I found a condo to rent here in Texas, which will give me a ten minute commute.

Hey Atlanta friends, read that again.

A ten minute commute.   It’s all kinds of awesome.

I just got the keys today so I took a few pictures by request.   One of my favorite features of the place is the balcony.  It’s huge.


Hard to capture in a picture, but it covers the back side of the condo, has two entrances from the house, and overlooks the pool.

Oh, yeah, there’s a pool.


The condo itself has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The kitchen has some updates, which is nice.  I’m actually going to try to use it.


The whole place is tile…no carpet… so my swiffer will come in handy.   The living room is a little small for all my furniture, but I think I can make it work.  My kitchen table isn’t very big, so some of the living room stuff may have to spill over into the dining area.  I’ll work it out.


The owners thoughtfully added this floor to ceiling mirror too.  They must have heard about my bikini competitions and knew I’d need a place to practice my walk.  How nice.


And there’s a fireplace, which I might need two months out of the year.

My furniture is on its way from Georgia, so this morning I dropped off my suitcases and other stuff I had jammed in my Honda.  I expect the moving truck to arrive some time tomorrow with the rest of it.  I’m crossing my fingers it will fit.  If not, I might have to have a “moving in” sale ASAP.

Max has been at Camp Bow Wow for the weekend while I was closing on my house back in Atlanta, so I’ll pick him up tonight after work.  I think he’ll like the balcony too.

More updates to come… now that I’m not homeless I plan to blog more about my new adventure.



3 thoughts on “Amarillo By Morning

  1. Hi Robyn I am so glad for you that the weekend is over. I too am so very thankful that the house is now sold, you have a place to live, and your furniture is on the way…….making the stressful parts of the move completed. That balcony sure is huge= bigger than I had in mind. It looks like the condo is pretty good size. There are two bedrooms too but all of your part is on one floor?

    You said you had not eaten so I hope by now that you have. If not, please eat something now.

    That will be so nice to have a short commute. SO nice. Send me your new address when you get time. I hope that work is going well too. love, mom

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  2. Congrats on the big move. (Glad to actually read-&-see some stuff after getting bits-&-pieces via the Twin Connection from Ma.)

    Was wondering two things, if you could tell me (whenever is fine):
    1] I get “swiffering” on tile, but isn’t that just continually moving the dirt to a new tile/block, & not really ridding of it?!
    2] The longtime Monkee fan in me is gonna kill me if I don’t ask about my chances to be “ridin’ on that train to San Antone”…?

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